HSA (Health Savings Accounts): Spend Less & Save More –
Protect Your Future!

✔   The HealthCard4Free Program will NEVER interfere with your existing Insurance;
instead it works by coordinating your benefits to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.


✔   Why tap your HSA savings reserve when you can lower your costs for Free?


✔   Get the benefits of traditional plans without the cost, use your Free HealthCard4Free.com
discount card & save up to 75% on health costs.


✔   Get your prescriptions at lower costs and continue to save your tax deferred money.


✔   HSA’s do not cover all prescriptions & procedures – use your free HealthCard4Free.com
card for improved coverage & stretch your HSA savings.


✔   Save even more than just your drug costs with our FREE dental, vision and hearing discounts.


The more you SAVE with HealthCard4Free.com the more Tax-Free money you keep!

Get your HealthCard4Free, now!

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