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Discounts: 20%-75% savings on most dental procedures


Checkups, & Xrays Unlimited cleanings Braces
Dentures & Bridges Root canals Implants & Crowns
Cosmetic Bonding & Veneers Emergency Care And more!


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more than 157,000 dental offices!


A fixed fee schedule that is ~20-75% below usual charges!

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Our strict credentialing policy gives HealthCard4Free members peace of mind when they are choosing a DenteMax dentist.

WHY pay full price for your family’s dental services?
SAVE MONEY & get the care your family needs.

Sample Dental Price Comparisons*

Dental Procedure

Average Fee

You Pay

You Save

Oral Exam –Comprehensive $195 $52 73%
Periodic Oral Exam $125 $31 75%
X-rays –Full Mouth $215 $90 58%
Prophy –Simple Cleaning $135 $65 52%
Sealant $87 $39 55%
Silver Filling –3 surface $235 $142 40%
White Ceramic Filling –3 surface $345 $159 54%
Porcelain Crown $1,525 $782 49%
Root Canal –Molar $1,405 $793 44%
Periodontal(Gum) Surgery $1,415 $861 39%
PerioScaling –Deep Cleaning $225 $166 26%
Upper Denture $1,575 $970 38%
Implant –singletooth $2,775 $1,255 55%
Extraction –simple $265 $106 60%

HealthCard4Free SAVES you money!
Both “Average Fee” & “You Pay” Fees are based on Manhattan Rates—Both should be lower in other locations!
Discounts will vary according to location, procedure and specialty.


What are Discount Dental Plans?

Discount dental plans are a simple and reliable way to save money at the dentist.Discount dental plans give you access to substantial discounts at the dental office for a wide range of procedures.You save money on simple preventive treatments such as cleanings and x-rays as well as complex treatments such as root canals and bridges.Dental providers have contracted to provide the same quality treatment to our plan members at substantially discounted prices.As a member, you pay the dentist directly at a lower price for the services rendered – and you’re done! No worrying about complicated paperwork or waiting for payment reimbursements.

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